Time is hollow, men are transient, and the sea is volatile. 

The opening line of Sea Level Down.

I’ve been sidetracked by various projects and such so it took me a little longer to complete this first set. While I’ve got some issues with it, all in all I’m rather pleased. Blue is a major theme in this first three, as well as the themes of cycles, futility, and intangibility. For this project I’ll only use material that I’ve got on hand, or donated, but not bought (a reoccurring concept in SLD). I tried to do the story right by thinking of ways in which a tale would be passed down in their world, and I thought a patchwork quilt, or a surviving tapestry of sorts makes the most sense. Literacy is incredibly low, objects of aesthetic value that don’t serve a second purpose doesn’t fit in their universe. 

The idea of this appearing on an Itovan child’s quilt is very, very, gratifying for me.